Discover the Shoescribe Program – the annual subscription that gives members access to a series of exclusive services, specially tailored for shoe lovers and shoe shoppers everywhere


In the past, scribes were the official owners of the written word – is the modern-day version, acting as a virtual platform for a unique and interesting medley of shoes and shoe-related content meant to entertain and inspire.
From a shoe selection that spans the fashion spectrum to a unique editorial component inspired by the world of film to the Shoescribe Program, a series of exclusive shoe-related services available through an annual subscription, offers a completely innovative and 360 degree shopping experience unlike any other.
A special mention goes to Ms. Suzie Scribe, the site’s resident shoe guru, who is here to help you with all of your footwear dilemmas from styling advice to tricky stains. Shoe Valet, on the other hand, offers tips on shoe maintenance, shoe closet organization and a handpicked list of trusted cobblers around the world.

Being a Shoescriber

Being part of our Shoescribe Program means gaining access to a world of exclusive shoe-related services, making sure your shoes last long after you buy them.
As a welcome to the program, you will receive the custom-made Shoescribe Kit, with everything you need to keep your shoes looking as good as new.
Read more about all of the annual membership benefits below.

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Shoescribe Program

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The benefits

Free shipping

As many shoes as you want, all year long – shipping is on us!

Shoe repair

Two complimentary shoe repairs by one of our recommended cobblers

Private line

Priority customer care – we’ll call you!

Cinderella for a day

A 50% discount on any single pair of shoes on your birthday