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What was the creative process that lead to the design of this shoe?
It has been the fusion of different influences, but all have in common this aesthetic of "random" shapes, fluid surfaces, curvy patterns: a little bit of the "Lava" lamp from the ‘70s, some shapes from Yves Tanguy's "surr�alistes" landscapes and also some random cut-out from Jean Arp. But in the end, the colors, the textures create a quite different feeling, far from all these references.
What kind of woman do you envision wearing this style? 
Fun, daring and "arty".
You are often influenced by art and architecture - do you think a shoe in itself can truly be considered
a work of art?

I think that fashion is an echo of many forms of art. But Art is Art. It’s a kind of abstraction, it’s a concept. I am doing fashion , sensual objects. Or sexy, or feminine. And it’s totally different.
What other areas do you draw inspiration from?
Well, it can be very different. Of course, I love cities and I hardly take my inspiration from nature. In general, it comes from the influences around me: design, architecture. Sometimes even quite far from the fashion universe!
What are the elements of a perfect shoe?
As a designer, the fundamental elements to create a good shoe is the right last and the right heel. All the rest is decoration or a game to play with those elements.
What is your first shoe memory?
Of course it’s one of my mother’s. A slingback navy pump, with a kitten heel. I can still remember the special grain of the color.
Why do you think women love shoes so much?
This is another secret I don’t know! I think men love shoes as much as women, but in a different way. Us, men, collect and take care of it. Women buy one pair. Then another, as simple as that. It’s a completely different attitude.
In all these years since you started the brand, what have you learned from women?
They are much more curious than men, they are ready to adopt a new style much more quickly. They are much more flexible and inventive and they can switch from one type of shoes (or silhouette) to the opposite in a glimpse.
Do you think men prefer heels?
Well, all of it is a question of centimeters. A 12 cm higher woman will address differently. The power starts here, including seduction, sexuality. Sneakers can be sexy too - nowadays, they are a fashion statement and give women a very determined and significant silhouette.
Best shoe care tip you’ve ever come across?
Have a lot and change every day!


A snakeskin, surrealist-inspired sandal with metallic
tonalities and a unique "drop heel".