Screen Style: Blue Jasmine

The trend of elegant, ladylike shoes grows stronger as Cate Blanchett portrays Jasmine in the latest Woody Allen drama, Blue Jasmine.

Cate Blanchett plays a New York socialite who finds herself losing the lavish lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to when her financier husband (played by Alec Baldwin) turns out to be a Wall Street crook. Although Jasmine’s world is turned upside down, her impeccable sense of style remains.

Blue Jasmine - 11 Jul 2013

Her wardrobe consists of iconic accessories and fantastic shoes, often with kitten heels. Although her ensembles exude timeless elegance, ironically, they’re very much in trend right now. We would suggest adding contemporary pieces to the classic ladylike style by matching a pair of pumps with an a-symmetrical leather skirt or boyfriend jeans.

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Photo Credit: Everett Collection /Rex Features

Posted by Suzie

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