Behind the scenes: René Caovilla for

Watch the video starring the rising Italian actress Matilde Gioli

A story of Made in Italy excellence, a pair (three, actually) of fabulous limited edition sandals created for, and Venice – the extraordinary setting of our photo shoot and host of the 71st Venice Film Festival which begins today.

Watch the video and discover our behind the scenes footage starring the rising Italian actress Matilde Gioli, Brand Ambassador of

Discover the exclusive sandals of René Caovilla for


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Perfect Pumps

Timeless, ladylike and chic. Perfect for your return to the city after a summer holiday.

Classic and feminine, pumps are truly a wardrobe staple. Perfect for transitioning from one season to the next, they’re a must-have for fall that we’ll also pull out of our closets next spring.


Belgian blogger Tiany Kiriloff ( chose red pumps to wear to the haute couture shows in Paris, matching them with a feminine printed red dress in the same color. The result? Ladylike and chic – inspiration for a post-holiday re-entry in the city.


For a more original look, mix up colors. We love purple and blue, like in this photo, but also red and pink, green and orange, black and blue…the options are limitless – and will prolong the summer in your fall wardrobe.



Masculine and feminine
Menswear-inspired shoes perfectly complement an ultra-feminine, retro look, while kitten heel pumps give a feminine touch to a masculine look.



Credit: Xandra M. Linsin

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Guest Curator: Steven Noble

Read our interview with the Costume Designer of The Two Faces of January and discover the shoes inspired by the film.

Our latest Guest Curator of is Steven Noble, costume designer for one of the most anticipated films of the summer, The Two Faces of January. Set in Greece in the 1960s, the film, an adaptation of the novel by Patricia Highsmith, portrays Kirsten Dunst in a very elegant character.

We’re delighted to have Steven, who designed costumes for films such as Wuthering Heights, Trainspotting and The Beach as our very first male Guest Curator for We were particularly inspired by his lavish vintage creations for The Two Faces of January; in fact, Steven’s top picks for evoke a 1960s-elegance flair yet still appeal to a contemporary audience.



Sandals by René Caovilla  Lace-ups by Robert Clergerie  Pumps by L.K.Bennett

What was your creative process like when putting together the wardrobe?
I designed and styled the costumes for The Two Faces of January. The costumes for the three main characters (Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, and Oscar Isaac) were specially made. I had an extensive research and preparation period reviewing original fashion magazines, films, Internet resources, etc. of the period, which was the early 1960s – a very exciting and directional period in fashion coming out of a repressed economic climate into a new and exciting decade.

How did you go about choosing the shoes for Kirsten Dunst’s looks?
All of Kirsten’s shoes were custom made. They were based on original designs which were adapted, and materials and colors which were chosen to compliment her outfits.

How closely did you work with the actors for the wardrobe?
I always enjoy meeting the actors as soon as possible to engage in brainstorming sessions together – we toss ideas around about the characters, and they inform me of what they might see as important considerations for me to understand. Designs are sketched, fabrics are sourced, fittings are scheduled and from there we develop what works and what doesn’t. What you finally see on screen is the result of a long collaborative process.


The most stimulating challenge of your career?
All of my films have had their own challenges, which have stretched me creatively in their own unique ways. I was particularly inspired by 24 Hour Party People; it spanned over 3 decades and was set in the past, but still recent enough for people to remember (Manchester, 1976-1997), so accuracy was important. For Never Let Me Go we had to design the whole film timelessly; i.e., without reference to any particular era. For Under the Skin, Scarlett Johansson only had two costumes; these had to have a “high street” look to be practical and sexy while the main costume she wears for most of the film absolutely had to be iconic and still look so in years to come. In Two Faces it was down to authenticity while still making it look fashionable, sexy and appealing to a contemporary audience.

You are our very first male Guest Curator – in your opinion, why do women love shoes so much?
It was a great honor to be asked to be your first male Guest Curator. I think even when a woman isn’t feeling her best, a good pair of shoes can make her feel infinitely better. This raising of esteem of course has historical roots: while it was easier in the past to make your own clothes and look good, shoes had to be bought and were therefore a sign of affluence and status. High heels can create the sense of having longer legs, elegant stature, poise and grace. All shoes can make or break any outfit.


Do you ever notice a woman’s shoes? Do you feel they say something about a person?
Of course I notice women’s shoes – it’s my job. Like all items of clothing, shoes as part of a wardrobe tell a story about a person. They can be classic, quirky, eccentric, etc.; we can tell if someone is playful, seductive or conventional – or prefers practicality over creating an impression. Likewise we are hardwired, in a very sophisticated way, to subliminally “read” and make assumptions about people according to how we interpret the “message” they are creating through their wardrobe.

Most memorable shoes in a film?
I would have to say Judy Garland’s ruby slippers!

Best shoe care tip you’ve ever come across?
While on holiday in Italy, I accidentally left a pair of very uncomfortable new shoes out in the garden overnight. When I found them the next morning, they had softened in the morning dew and were a dream to wear forever after – I’ve done this on several occasions since.

The Two Faces of January will be in US cinemas on September 26th, 2014 and released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD in the United Kingdom on September 15th, 2014. 


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Runway Inspiration: Marni

Marni’s version of the menswear-inspired flat – two standout styles that we adore.

With their reassuring certainty that is renewed each season, Marni flats have earned the rights to the title investment piece. Inspired by menswear, they can be worn with full skirts or tailored trousers for a relaxed yet stylish look to wear in the city every season.

Loafers – whether they’re monochrome or bicolor (as this pair with gleaming gold tips seen on the Fall/Winter runway) – can be worn from day to evening. They’re perfect to pair with an elegant evening gown in a striking color (such as coral), or with a pair of jeans – for a city-chic trendy look.


The fringe (removable) adds an effortlessly chic twist to every outfit. Perfect to wear every day, we’d also wear them in the evening for a unique and informal touch.

Shop our selection of Marni’s menswear-inspired flats:


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Shorty chic

Mini (skirt or shorts) + stilettos: create your look from our selection of desk-to-dinner shoes

Whether you’re going for athletic inspiration or everyday casual with a twist, when it comes to leg-baring looks, it’s important that the shoes you wear make a statement. We were particularly impressed by the looks of model Jordan Dunn and it-girl Elisa Nalin.

Fashion and comfort are combined to create a stylish sporty look: a black muscle tank and basketball shorts are paired with these elegant and ultra-feminine pumps (like these ones by Gianvito Rossi), one of the chicest ensembles we saw during London Men’s Fashion Week.


1. Gianvito Rossi pumps. 2. Pierre Hardy sandals

We’ve found our favorite new go-to shoes thanks to these eye-catching Pierre Hardy heels. Whether they’re paired with the simplest mono-color looks or with a mix of prints and materials (shown here), we’d say Pierre Hardy has introduced yet another seasonal wardrobe staple.

Martin Margiela show, Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014, Paris Fashion Week, France - 09 Jul 2014


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